Midget Houses of La Jolla


View from Hillside Dr.

I heard from a friend a long time ago about these midget houses up in La Jolla. I have always wondered about the location and where these houses were, but never looked into it, but since I have this blog now I have a reason to look into it. I googled “La Jolla Midget Houses” and found a few articles that were written, details and pics but I wanted to see for myself. I went on a field trip to La Jolla, mapped out the directions 7475 Hillside Dr.- 28 min. from my house the directions said. I was semi-familiar with the area. Only have gone to a house on Mt. Soledad once before for a “donor” party from a previous-previous-previous non-profit job I had once-upon-a-time ago. I remember views to Catalina Island, retractable outdoor roofs, endless pools and a elevator in the house. I know that if you need a elevator in your house, you have a serious house.

Upon a few windy roads, I find gorgeous houses and gorgeous views.IMG_2832 Sort of what I expected, looking at my map over and over for the address, I finally get to the house and to what I didn’t want to expect was I didn’t find anything too exciting. But my curiousity is now answered, didn’t find any cool doors or gnome-sized openings.IMG_2838  Not sure if the writing on the house was really the midget-themed font that I wanted to believe, really nice facade on the side and great landscaping but no sign of the yellow brick road or otherwise. Didn’t get the courage to peek through the shutters over the Keep off Grass SignIMG_2836 but did manage to get a few of my own photos. Overall, it was a nice leisurely drive, but I will stick to La Jolla Cove. Read up on the interesting history behind this myth.IMG_2837IMG_2833.

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6 comments on “Midget Houses of La Jolla
  1. egor says:

    Sweet, and here i thought it was an urban legend. nice slouthing job!

  2. iizliz says:

    I’d always wondered if this was “real” or not

  3. Rick Simoni says:

    According to the book “Weird California” there used to be several “Munchkin Houses” in La Jolla, but recent development has wiped out all but one. The one that is left is on Hillside Drive.

  4. Rick Simoni says:

    According to the book “Weird California” there used to be several “Munchkin Houses” in La Jolla, but recent development has wiped out all but one. The only one that is left is the one on Hillside Drive.

  5. Michelle says:

    Love your website. You can really turn this website into something big…one secret at a time. Keep those secrets coming!

  6. nicki evans says:

    I saw them for myself when I was young like 10 yrs old I’m 25 now n always remembered them. I guess there is only 1 left now, at least there’s hope to see a little san diego history ; )

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