Secret Staircases in La Mesa


A view to Downtown San Diego

Here is a secret tip when it comes to fitness in San Diego. Find a walking path that is challenging and fun. Called the Secret Stairs as mentioned on the official La Mesa Website (link will give you details and location),  4 stairwells with 549 steps in total make this walk challenging, fun and beautiful all-in-one.  Originally used to facilitate foot traffic, these public stairwells are a hidden walking treasure in San Diego County. Every house in this “jewel” of a neighborhood is different, no two are alike, there are many different sizes of houses ranging from cottage style to mini-mansion, a few of these houses even have historical status. This hike is perfect exercise to get your endorphins going in the morning (as I experienced) or before sunset to see the beautiful views of the city (on a clear day you can see Downtown San Diego, the Coronado Bridge and beyond). Highly recommended for the healthy, willing and able. Give it a try and let me know how it goes.


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One comment on “Secret Staircases in La Mesa
  1. Karen says:

    Hi Jen,
    I am an organizer for a meetup club called Dirty Girls Walking Club. . . . I specialize in using interval methods involving hills for training to become a faster, stronger walker. We do train for half marathons although it is not a requirement to be part of our club. I use the gorgeous county we live in as our “track” and “interval course”. One of my Dirty Girls told me about Secret Stairs and I am posting a meetup to try them out. I will be using your words and giving you full credit for this description in my meetup. If you like please go to this link to see more:

    Secret Stairs in La Mesa

    Tuesday, May 15, 2012, 9:30 AM

    Location details are available to members only.

    7 Dirty Girls Went

    Hello all you Dirty Girls!One of our Dirty Girls, Denise, came up with an excellent idea for an interval training walk.  Have any of you heard of the Secret Stairs in La Mesa?  I googled it and found this description by a blogger named @jenboydsd on twitter:”Secret Staircases in La MesaHere is a secret tip when it comes to fitness in San Diego. …

    Check out this Meetup →

    If I missed something in providing proper credit please let me know and I will fix it . . . Thanks,

    I would love to have you join us as a guest or member if you prefer. If exploring secrets of San Diego is the sort of thing you like to do along with using walking for fitness, I think you would enjoy what our club has to offer. One of my gratifications comes from seeing the looks on my Dirty Girls faces as they finish ascending the top of a hill.

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