Another food post- Secret Restaurant bargains

IMG_3272My quest for a bargain is endless, always looking for a coupon or a deal on the web. Because of the economic times, restaurants are more inclined to offer discounts on their food in-order to turn you into a loyal customer. Lately, I have encountered many buy one get one free entrees and more recently a 50% off coupon at Boston Market on their Family meal (a labor day special). This made feeding a family of 4 for only 12.50. This meal included a whole chicken and a quarter, 4 sides (green beans, mac and cheese, 2 orders of mashed potatoes) & 4 cornbreads.

This Tuesday- 9/8/09, The Burger Lounge (a local green-certified restaurant) is offering a free burger with proof that you are a twitter follower of theirs, I am already a fan of their burgers but this creates buzz in the local twitter community and also gives me reinforcement that the Burger Lounge is awesome.

Also, coming up in San Diego is San Diego Restaurant week (September 13-18). This comes around a couple times a year, where participating local fine dining restaurants are offering a three-course meal for $20, $30, $40. My dining options are wider these few times a year, this year I will plan at least one excursion to a new restaurant. In past restaurant weeks, I have tried fancier places that would be considered a “special occasion” place. I dined at Bertrands at Mr. A’s for $50 out the door- I didn’t have any wine so it would of been more if I ordered a drink (normal cost for my meal would of been well over $80).

Pick-up Stix has had a buy one entree get one free coupon on their site for a while now, this has saved me time and money for getting dinner done.

Lastly, offers discounts at a small cost for the discount. Cost depends if you have a coupon code or not. I have gotten a $25 off of a $35 meal for $3, I know there are $2 codes out there as well. I recently went to the Turf Club in Golden Hill and had a great meal for two $36 including tip + $3 certificate, this would of been a $51 meal otherwise. I have a handful of these certificates to different restaurants, I just need to be aware to use them and to try new restaurants out- so if you buy these certificates be mindful to use them.

If you can search the web or look on the restaurant’s website before you go to that establishment, you will never know if you will find a coupon or encounter any specials they may have.  Happy eating!

Other places to get discounts

  • Soupplantation- join Club Veg and get emailed coupons in your inbox, I got a buy-one-get-one free coupon this weekend and also for my birthday!
  • Pat and Oscars- join Club Breadstick and get offers in your mailbox and when you join you get a coupon for a free bag of their delicious breadsticks.
  • Look in local community magazines, The Reader, City Beat. I have seen some great deals in these resources.
  • If you eat out a lot invest in an Entertainment Book, these can be purchased usually through fundraisers or Costco. There are discount movie coupons and other things as well in these thick books. I keep this book in my car just in-case.

If you know any secret restaurants bargains or even secret restaurants themselves let me know by commenting!

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5 comments on “Another food post- Secret Restaurant bargains
  1. There is a new site called Ingrid’s List which allows you to enjoy Restaurant Week year-round. You can buy certificates for $20-$30-$40 three-course prix fixe meals at fine dining restaurants. Wonderful!

    • jboydsandiego says:

      Thanks Becky for the mention of Ingrid’s List, I just looked at all the possibilities. Great places to eat at…good for my pocketbook, bad on my waist.

  2. Natalie says:

    I am on so many restaurant email lists and it totally helps. They send out deals and sometimes even gift certificates (pick up stix and Rubios)

  3. La Jolla Mom says:

    Hey there – I’m a affiliate and they are always offering promo codes. Whenever you need to buy next, let me know and I’ll give you a code. Sometimes up to 80-90%off!

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