Sweetwater Reservoir: The Hidden Treasure of San Diego – Guest Post by Maria Palma

I feel very blessed to have this view during a full moon right before sunset. Caption: Studio747

I’ve lived in San Diego for 17 years and thought that I had seen it all.  When my boyfriend told me he had found a place in Spring Valley by a lake, I thought he must have made a mistake.

Spring Valley has a lake?

When I first moved to the San Diego area I lived in Spring Valley and had never heard of this lake.  Come to find out, it’s the Sweetwater Reservoir that has been here for hundreds of years.  If you’re driving along the newer part of Highway 125, you’ll see it right at the foot of Mt. Miguel.

The Sweetwater Reservoir is considered to be one of San Diego County’s hidden treasures.  There are a few houses that overlook this lake and I’m fortunate to have one of those views.  On the other side of the lake is the Sweetwater Regional Park with campsites available to the public.  If you need a mini-getaway and love the outdoors, I would recommend staying at the park.

The view of the lake is gorgeous at sunset. Caption: Studio747

On most days I love to sit outside and watch the various birds and ducks hanging around the lake.  Even in the middle of November it’s warm with a nice cool breeze.  When there’s a full moon, the light from the moon glistens on the lake.  It’s breathtaking.

About the Author:
Maria Palma is a freelance writer and founder of Studio 747 who loves everything about San Diego.  Her favorite places in San Diego are the Gaslamp Quarter and Balboa Park.  Oh, and of course, the beaches too.

Message from Jennifer:
I have had the privilege in meeting the sweetest, most talented people on Twitter. Maria Palma (@studio747) is no exception. I am grateful for passionate people who share my love of San Diego as much as I do. Please enjoy and comment. Thank you Maria for contributing to Secret San Diego.

XOXO, Jennifer

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