Bob’s Big Boy

Bob's Big Boy and I sharing a moment

Bob’s Big Boy is back in San Diego County!  Nestled in the corner of Parkway Plaza Mall in El Cajon, this Bob’s opened up last month with not much hype.  I discovered that Bob’s was open here while flipping through my weekly Reader (Nice San Diego source/advertising heaven). Shortly after that I tweeted my findings to find other San Diego fans out there (Bob’s sadly is not on twitter). My history with this Big Boy is vast- I grew up going to Big Boy’s with my dad, and is just one of those childhood memories that never has left. The next thing I knew my neighborhood Bob’s was gone and was left without a trace. No more statue of Bob holding his big burger high in the air, no bobbleheads or pie left on the counters.  I was sad, until now.  Last Fall, I took a road trip to Vegas and with my pit-stop in Barstow I rediscovered Bob’s. Bob’s is a diner, but not any ol’ diner Bob’s has the cute boy in the red overalls and those blue eyes that bring me in wanting that bit of nostalgia, the food is not bad either.  The burgers have this sweet salsa sauce that is pretty tasty, fries and rings are average but nothing to write home about.  Since it is a diner and not “fast” food, the prices are higher than places like In-N-Out but an equivalent (but better in my opinion) to IHOP or Denny’s.  Next time I go, I definitely will try their desserts.  Their strawberry pie looked amazing and I am a sucker for ice cream. The banana split looked like a classic.  I will be back to see my Big Boy soon, if not for a meal, to get my sugar high on.

Bob’s Big Boy is located at 415 Parkway Plaza in El Cajon, CA. There is also a location in Temecula.

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3 comments on “Bob’s Big Boy
  1. Birdrockfab says:

    I’m so happy you pointed out Bob’s Big Boy opened. I also grew up in San Diego and have fond memories of going there with my family and friends. My kids would get a kick out of dining at Bob’s.


    • jenboydsd says:

      Yes, the food was not that good at the El Cajon location. I am not surprised. Thanks for the comment.

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