The Chula Vista Nature Center

The Chula Vista Nature Center is a little gem in San Diego County. The whole experience is so nice, you park your car in a nearby parking lot, then you hop aboard a MTS Sponsored shuttle bus for a short ride to Center (no cars allowed on the property). While on the bus, the driver talks about the Nature Center and gives a mini-tour including some facts about the animals and things going on at the Center. The whole place is picturesque. There are views of the Coronado Bridge and Downtown San Diego, an estuary and a few trails in an open field for hiking.  If you do go-remember to pack a picnic lunch (they don’t sell food there). The attractions there are diverse but sparse; there are sea turtles, fish, octopus, eels, stingrays you can pet (stingers removed), crabs, spiders, lobsters, native sharks, eagles, owls, other birds and while on the hiking trails, you will see lots of flora, rabbits, lizards and more birds. I probably could hang out all day and listen to the birds. Everyone there is friendly and there are lots of volunteers to answer questions. I am always amazed to see what nature resides in San Diego.

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