This weekend only-Comic Con takes over San Diego

photo by @eyemusing - Eileen

I am excited for Comic Con. The one-time of year San Diego gets a boost in tourism and downtown is busting at it’s gills. Take the trolley, if you decide to head downtown. The cost is a fraction of the headache of the traffic and the dollars you will spend for the parking. Plus, you get to see the neat Klingon trolley signs, so study up on your Klingon or you might get lost. There are also a few restaurants that got bought out for the weekend. Head over to the Hard Rock Hotel’s Mary Jane Cafe and you’ll find that Syfy took it over and turned it into Cafe’ Diem. Or Ciro’s Pizza and you’ll find that Cartoon Network took it over and made it into their own. Prepare to take lots of cash if you do go to these restaurants though, I am sure they need to recoup their sponsor dollars somehow. People watching is a must. Prepare to seen grown men and women live out their childhood fantasies dressed up in Superhero, Star wars and Iconic figures. Fun, fun times this weekend.

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