San Diego Food Truck Movement

In light of my addiction to Food Network’s “The Great Food Truck Race“,  I want to give the lowdown on the local San Diego Food Truck Movement. I find it fascinating that food trucks can provide gourmet food and drinks and pop up anywhere in San Diego on a moments notice. Sometimes the trucks are hard to find. The way I find out about whereabouts are through my twitter list and through the Facebook page about San Diego Food Trucks.  Love to hear from you about your food truck recommendations, what your favorite choices are and why?

Here are my favorites (No particular order of yum):

Tabe BBQ – Tabe has a stationary kitchen location on Murphy Canyon Rd. which it makes is very convenient to have one of their delicious creations without having to search out their food truck whereabouts. Also, another thing that makes Tabe unique is their Tabe Tuesday event – a live DJ and casual seating makes evening dining fun.

Joes on the Nose– Also known as La Naranja, this bright orange truck is sure to make the perfect coffee/tea concoction for you. My favorite is the Cheater Five. They are regulars at the Little Italy Mercado and the Hillcrest Farmer’s Market.

MIHO Gastrotruck: The burgers were very gourmet. The beef is grass fed which makes a huge difference in the taste. I look forward to having other menu items from their truck in the future. I hear they serve Poutine on occasion (a curiosity of mine).

Other Food Trucks I have yet to try:


San Diego Sweet Truck

Copper Chimney

Bareback Grill’s Kiwi Coach (Link is the Restaurant site)

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4 comments on “San Diego Food Truck Movement
  1. Susan Payton says:

    I wish some of these were closer. Seems silly to drive to a truck. But the one that’s Korean BBQ I’m gonna have to find!~

  2. Woody Pewitt says:

    I loved when Tabe BBQ was coming downtown but some ahole in the city made a dub rule that carting trucks can’t serve down here :(. I want to know how we can fight that or find some parking lot they can setup shop at.

  3. vixensden says:

    I am totally addicted to that show also. Now that I will be out and about (working) again, I hope to find some of these trucks and try them out in person!

  4. Scott says:

    I have a Twitter list that follows the food trucks in San Diego. Follow it to find out where the trucks are now. Here is the link:

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