Gluten Free San Diego

I have lots of friends that eat Gluten Free foods just because they have allergies or they just lack the enzyme to break down the chemical in Gluten. Fortunately, I don’t have that problem, but if I did, I would want to know where to find good gluten free restaurants.  Last week, I got invited to Sammy’s Woodfire Pizza for a sampling of their gluten free menu. To my surprise the food was delicious and the gluten free crust was even better (in my opinion) than the regular pizza crust they offered. It was more of a cracker textured crust than the normal doughy crust. I had the Organic Arugula and Pear Pizza and the hummus. Eating gluten free doesn’t mean you can’t eat good stuff anymore.

More resources:

Fresh and Easy has gluten free stickers to let you know that which items are gluten free.

Photo credit Virginia S. Yelp- Gluten Free Hummus
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2 comments on “Gluten Free San Diego
  1. Great to hear that going gluten-free is getting easier everywhere!

  2. That pizza does sound very good 🙂

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