AVE 5 – Proud farm to table restaurant

AVE 5 in Bankers Hill is a local farm to table restaurant. Co-owners and brothers, Brian and Colin MacLaggan, have been helping their father tend a garden on the property of Ramona’s Highland Valley Ranch.  In fact, 75% of the menu comes from local sources.  I found this place extra unique because after you enjoy your meal you are able to take some of the fresh produce home with you. Their only request is you share with them your recipe or memory on what you did with it (via their facebook page).  I took home a pomegranate. I didn’t do anything special with the fruit itself, I just broke it open and ate the seeds, but it was the experience of sharing the fruit with my daughter that made it special. By sharing the fruit with my daughter and letting her know it came from a local farm was a lasting memory.  It is the those extra touches that will make a restaurant special.

AVE 5 is located on 2760 5th Ave., San Diego, 92103

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One comment on “AVE 5 – Proud farm to table restaurant
  1. Christopher says:

    Very cool find…thanks for the tip.

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