Secrets in San Diego Year end Recap 2010 Part 2

This is part 2 in recapping 2010 of Secrets in San Diego. I think that my favorite part besides eating all the yummy food was going to new places and sharing my adventures with friends. It is always nice to share meaningful experiences, great conversations, and have a laugh with others. Here are my favorite moments of my adventures in San Diego.

Making Dia De Muertos Altars with Sukhjit

Wandering through Coronado and having Extraordinary Desserts with Calvin, Jim and Sukhjit. Thanks Jim and Calvin for giving us a ride in the Audi A8. Looking forward to many more adventures with you guys in 2011!

Finding this magnificent sculpture “Unconditional Surrender” along the Harbor. It on display for a limited amount of time and I caught it just in time. Thanks Richie for coming with me on the Harbor Cruise.

Having dinner at Cafe 21. It is a gem of a place and was a pretty strange night (in a good way). I had lots of fun at eating that night. Thanks Butch, Jen, Richie and Sukhjit for the good company.

I am so grateful to have these friends and others that have shared experiences with me this year. I look forward to more in 2011. Jennifer

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