El Take It Easy – Bacon Bingo Night

I found a new unique place to hang out for B-A-C-O-N, um I mean Bingo. I think North Park is turning into the new Downtown – IMO. The inner AARP member in me wants to get out (to play bingo and that is all) and I found a compromise to my young age and lack of “bingo funds” – Bacon (Meat) Bingo at El Take it Easy. This sister restaurant to the Linkery is a great place to hang with friends and have some good food and drinks. The best part of this place are their participatory events and farm to table menu. The calendar changes and it looks like February is lacking the Bacon Bingo as of right now (Facebook says they are still deciding on pursuing meat bingo this month) . So I say bring back the bacon and bingo blotters and have the owner Jay spin some records. Another reason to hang out at El Take It Easy is that you can see my friend DJ Brother Darkness spin on Friday Nights at the event he calls “¡Viernes Oscuros!”

El Take It Easy

3926 30th Street at University in San Diego* 619 291 1859


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4 comments on “El Take It Easy – Bacon Bingo Night
  1. Lynda J says:

    Called “El Take It Easy” last night (Feb 2nd) cuz finally could fit it into my schedule BUT now they are going to be holding Bacon/Meat Bingo last Wed of the month SO in February it will be Wed/Feb 23rd – hopefully will be a monthly event from here on out??

  2. Mama Mary says:

    I am so all over Bacon & Bingo!

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