Cups Culinary Farm-to-Table Class

Last Sunday, I went to the Cups Culinary
Farm-to-Table Class
. First, let me say, my idea of cooking is boiling spaghetti noodles and adding a bottle of sauce. I simply don’t have the cooking gene. But after taking this class, the awareness has kicked in and now I know there is much more than store bought pre-packaged food.  Chef Jesus has a colorful imagination and knows how to take a simple ingredient and make it into something magnificient. Jesus was very patient and knows his food. Jesus is a chef formerly from  Rancho La Puerta and Golden Door spas. When I found this out, I know he knew how to cook and more importantly, he knew how to cook healthy. I realize after taking this class that the key to cooking is baby steps.

My takeaways:

  • There are variations to everything- by using one sauce recipe, you can marinate, stir fry and bake anything from tofu, chicken and vegetables
  • Garlic is a staple ingredient in my favorite foods
  • You can make a great tasting dish from simple healthy ingredients

The ingredients from this Farm-to-Table Class came from a local CSA.  You can subscribe to a CSA or you can go to a local Farmer’s Market to get local produce. You can get information on all of the San Diego Certified Farmer’s Market’s at SD Farm Bureau.  Below is a simple recipe for Apple and Goat Cheese Egg rolls. Which is delish, and requested by my friends who saw I took this class. Enjoy!

Apple & Goat Cheese Egg Rolls (Recipes courtesy of Jesus Gonzalez)
Ø 1 Packet Egg Roll wrappers 8’x8′
Ø 1 lb. Fresh creamy goat cheese
Ø 2 med.  Gala apples Cored and Small Diced


1)    Maintaining egg roll wrappers cold cut sheets in half and hold.
2)    Using one half of a sheet at a time place 1 TBS of goat cheese and 1 TBS of diced apples 1 in. from the bottom.
3)    To start rolling, fold flap over creating a roll. Using a little water, wet sides and keep rolling tight till finished. Once done wet the end of the roll closing it like an envelope as well as pinching the sides down making sure they are closed
For Baking
1)    Pre- heat oven at 350F
2)    Place finished egg rolls on a non-stick pan.
3)    Bake rolls till golden brown.
4)    Serve with Peanut sauce (recipe attached)
For Frying
1)    Heat oil to 325F
2)    Depending on the size of the fryer place half a dozen of the egg rolls at a time
3)    Fry till golden brown
4)    Place on paper towels to soak excess oil
5)    Serve with Peanut sauce (recipe attached)

Peanut Sauce for Apple and Goat Cheese Eggrolls
2 TBS Garlic Minced
½ C light Soy sauce
½ C Mirin (sweet sake)
½ C Red wine vinegar
½ C Syrup of Agave or Maple syrup
½ C Natural Peanut butter
½ C Fresh Cilantro stems removed and coarsely chopped
Place all ingredients, except cilantro in the cup of a blender or processor. Puree until smooth. Add the cilantro and pulse until just blended.



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