Thread Show is coming to San Diego April 3 and Ticket Giveaway

I have been a fan of Thread for a long time. This is where you can find new up and coming  local designers and get the new 411 in style. I knew Thread as a quarterly show that would show up at places like the Wonderbread Factory and and Balboa Park’s Air and Space Museum. Thread has since evolved to a huge space in Horton Plaza (where Steve and Barry’s used to be)  and besides their location in San Diego they have also expanded to various cities such as Seattle, San Francisco and Los Angeles.

A little about the what will be at the Thread Show this time:
A brilliant day of shopping the latest spring trends created by local designers. Plus, enjoy cocktails, gift bags, photo booths, DJs, giveaways, a style lounge, DIY Lounge, Nail Bar, Live Style Series, THREAD Well Lounge and a Man Cave.

***Giveaway– I will be giving away 2 pairs of tickets to Thread for this upcoming Sunday, April 3. DL is Thursday at 6pm for entry- Winners will be announced Friday morning.  All you have to do is comment below…Tell me something good : ) .

Here are a few of my oldie but goodie posts on going to the Thread Show.
Baby Mantras to live by and The Adult Version of Pin-the-Tail on the Donkey
Thread Show and Year-end Recap

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6 comments on “Thread Show is coming to San Diego April 3 and Ticket Giveaway
  1. This sounds like a fun event. First I’ve heard of it, but until recently, I’ve been living in a cave, and so should be forgiven. Let’s see. . .what’s good? The Mission’s french toast is one good thing. Yum. And another is that my two-year-old can say 3 sentences in Spanish: ‘Yo vivo en San Diego,’ ‘Yo tengo dos anos,’ and ‘Hoy es Viernes,’ That’s pretty good, too, right? 🙂

  2. Derric Podschun says:

    I love THREAD! It’s always a fun time, and I come out with new clothes.

    That’s pretty good, but here’s another: Bacon Bingo at El Take It Easy this Wednesday the 30th! And 30th on 30th.

  3. Ooh. Bacon bingo. That sounds fun.

  4. Katie says:

    I’m so excited to learn about this! I’ve never been!
    My new favorite good SD thing is Skateworld adult night!!

  5. jenboydsd says:

    Love the comments…Elizabeth and Derrick congrats! I am submitting your names to Thread and your names should be at will-call. If not show them this post. Bacon Bingo at the end of April – DJ Brother Darkness will be spinning. Thanks for playing!

  6. I WON!!!!!! Yippeee!!!!! I’m so frickin’ excited. Please, before I go, someone remind me that bills are as important as all the pretty things I’ll want to buy at THREAD.

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