Race to the San Diego County Fair

San Diego County Fair has lots to offer this year. This year’s theme is “Race to the Fair”.
Car manufacturers Ford, Toyota and Chevrolet each have an area in the fair to showcase their latest and greatest. Their newest models are on display and open to let fair goers sit, touch and experience their vehicles. Toyota had their plug-in electric hybrid Prius on display, which was one of my favorite cars there. Celebrity Cars were on display, I saw the GhostBusters Ecto-1 Replica in the Cruisin’ California Exhibit area. Other Celebrity Cars that will be on display in that area will be General Lee from the Dukes of Hazard (June 14-19), Gypsy Lee from Chico and the Man (June 21 – 26) and Herbie the Love Bug (June 28 – July 4).

As always, the Fair is synonymous with the food. There has to be at least a half a mile of food booths at the fair. I had a chance to try a variety of Chicken Charlie’s specialties. Fried Kool-Aid (above), Fried Girl Scout Cookies (Chocolate Mint), and their famous Frog Legs. Chicken Charlie comes up with something every year. Unfortunately, not all his concoctions are kept every year, so get your fried Kool-Aid while you can.

I also got to visit with the founders of the Original Australian Battered Potatoes. The sisters Carmel and Annie work alongside with the rest of their staff. Carmel is the “spokeslady” of the business, so I spoke mostly with her. Their battered potatoes are so popular that they started packaging them and even did a Costco Roadshow or two. Because of the labor intensiveness of making their battered potatoes (their potatoes are hand battered) you can now only buy their take home bags of potatoes at the fair. Something that is unique to their potatoes, there is a secret ingredient and that they always stick a toothpick flag of Australia in each order. Carmel splits her time her time between Carlsbad, CA and Sydney, Australia. Carmel also shared with me that she has to take a box of toothpick flags to America each time she travels to Sydney, Australia. Nice to think that each plate of those battered potatoes really have a piece of Australia in each order.

Kids of all ages will enjoy the fair rides. The rides have become more sophisticated, they have gotten faster and higher. Traditional carnival games are still the same but the prizes have gotten bigger and better than the traditional teddy bear and big stuffed dog. Now there are stuffed modern day characters such with cartoon characters from South Park, SpongeBob and Shrek. Even characters Domo and Angry Birds are represented at the fair. You can even win a goldfish with it’s own tank. The price is right for $5.

TIPS before you go to the Fair
1. Check out the San Diego County Fair  Tickets and Promotions for the best possible deals.
2. Wear Comfortable Shoes- The fair is pretty big. I think I could spend another day there.
3. If you plan to go more than once this year, the best bet is to buy the “Best Pass Ever.” You get all 22 days of Admission to the fair for $22 from now until July 4th (they are closed Mondays except for July 4th).

If you have any other tips or tricks for the fair, please leave a comment- I’d love to hear from you.

Disclosure: San Diego County Fair comp’d parking, entrance and food samplings. All thoughts and opinions are my own and I even took the photos.
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One comment on “Race to the San Diego County Fair
  1. Paul Caparas says:

    I love the fair. I was going to try the fried Kool Aid but I chickened out. Also for some reason I still call it the Del Mar fair.

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