Mia Hamm Talks About Being Healthy, San Diego and Dannon Yogurt.


Mia Hamm will be making an appearance at the San Diego County Fair this Tuesday, June 21st at the Dannon’s “Live Your Active Culture” Booth. Hamm will be there to be setting a “Soccer Goal Record” for fair attendees to break for a chance to win a prize. I had chance to talk with Mia in a conference call where we talked about soccer, promoting a healthy lifestyle, San Diego and her favorite Dannon yogurt flavor.

Mia’s favorite flavor of Dannon:
“I really like blueberry, I’ve always liked blueberry and their new Greek yogurt is really good too…  ___________________________________________________________________
Jennifer B (SecretsInSanDiego): Do you still play soccer for fun?

Mia Hamm: Occasionally, It was always fun when I played. But I played at a much higher, competitive level. I love getting out and kicking around the with my kids. I just did a camp in Dallas…Trying to stay involved in the game and just share kind of my love and passion with as many young kids and especially girls as I can.

JB: My kids are 9 and 13, a girl and a boy. Both my husband and I work, what are a couple of tips you can give for a busy family to stay active?
MH: I think as much you can do together and that may be hard, but even if that is you with you with your daughter or you with your son.You know I was just doing a camp and saw how many parents out there would just kick around with their kids. I thought that was great. Even before practice… I think that time together is just as important for your physical and mental health. When you think about it your connecting with your kid, you are not telling them what to they should be doing or hey its time to go grab your stuff, did you do your homework? Your really not doing the strict part of parenting you’re more like spending time together. Growing up those are the moments I remember the most. I mean we would drive cross country and stop at camping grounds because there was 8 of us. Those were the times I remember. Going swimming there. Having my dad throw me in the pool, my mom paying pickup soccer with my siblings. Nothing really organized, just so much more kind of organic.
JB: Sounds great, sounds like you were a busy family as you were growing up.

JB: What are your favorite healthy activities in San Diego?
MH: When I went to San Diego, I was playing (soccer), in 2000, we trained for the Olympics so we were down at the Olympic Training Center. So would come into Downtown San Diego usually for fun to go to a nice restaurant…and then with the WSA coming in and playing. I was talking to my mom about this cause she’s from the Los Angeles area so when we would come and visit she had friends in San Diego. I’ve been to San Diego Zoo growing up and SeaWorld. I’ve been to Coronado Beach, I’ve been down to PETCO (Park) with my husband playing professional baseball, we’d go down there… what a beautiful stadium. Beautiful area of the city. I was able to take my daughters there too…We also went down to Seaport Village. I have a picture of my daughter with a little parakeet on her arm… We are just walking around there with the girls. When their one and half or two it is like the most exciting thing for them…

JB: …I know that San Diego is basically the playground of healthy activities…You just need to get out there and have parents encourage their kids to be active.
MH: There is no excuse in San Diego for not being active. I’m here with my parents in Texas right now and it is going to be 105 degrees today. So in San Diego your like its raining, or its way to hot or way to cold it is pretty much near perfect there.
JB: So there’s no excuse to go out there and be healthy
MH: You pretty much said it, Jennifer!

JB: Thank you Mia for being a role model and taking the Dannon Live your Culture Pledge.

Come see Mia Hamm at the San Diego County Fair on Tuesday, June 21 from 1pm-3pm at the Dannon “Live Your Active Culture” Booth located near “Livestock Way” and take the Live the Active Culture Pledge.

THe Dannon Live the Active PLEDGE:

  • Provide a healthy snack for my family every day
  • Add more occasions of 30 minutes of fun physical activity
  • Bring the family together for a healthy dinner
What activities do you do to live healthy? I’d like to hear from you. 
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