Culinary Adventures await at Harney Sushi

Tuesday night, I had the opportunity to preview the first ever Nook Dining Experience at Harney Sushi.  Those who were in attendance were Food Bloggers @ErinJax, @JensRad. Blogger @DiegoonaDime and produce extraordinaire @KellyOrange. The theme was “A Day at the Fair.” Imagine having food that you never thought could be prepared. I had a dish that tasted like In-and-Out but it was so different – the “fries” was turned into an frozen treat. Chef Sinsay did capture the flavors and I give him applause for his creativity. In order to truly experience this culinary journey you really need to have an open mind and like different food textures. I momentarily imagined I was on the show Iron Chef. Also an epiphany came to me while I was dining, “oh, this is what Anthony Bourdain experiences,” as I bit into the Uni (yes this is Sea Urchin).  This experience is approx.10 courses with drink pairings. With each course Chef Sinsay will describe his thinking behind the course and answer questions on preparation. Allow time to sit and socialize, it takes approx. 4-5 hours to complete this experience. There will be a Nook Dining the first Tuesday of every month, which is limited to 6-8 people. (We had 6 people in our booth and we became friends very fast). The cost is $150, which is worth this one-of-a kind, unique experience.  What you get is a chef’s creative interpretation on gastronomy that will never be repeat ever again. The August Nook experience is going to be based on ingredients from a local’s organic garden. To reserve your seat at the next Nook Dining Experience contact Harney Sushi in Old Town.

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