Comic-Con Survival Tips

I have been to Comic-Con a couple of times and plan to attend next week on Friday. For those who are going all four days I applaud you.  Some will be waiting in lines for hours for their favorite panels, some will be getting autographs of their favorite characters, some will braving the crowds for the swag and collectibles on the exhibit floor. But whatever reason  you attend Comic-Con next week, you won’t miss the people watching.  I have seen some strange things at Comic-Con. Here are my top tips for surviving a day or four at Comic-Con:

1. Wear comfortable shoes or at least have a back up pair. If you are cos-playing and have to wear skin tight boots, do it- but remember your feet are going to ache. Have a back up pair of flats.

2. Bring snacks and water. If you are waiting 5 hours in line to get into a panel, you are going to get hungry and thirsty.

3. If you drive to Comic-Con be prepared for traffic and paying a lot for parking. I have taken the San Diego Trolley  in the past and it works out beautifully (link is to their website and all the info you will need).

4. Plan your day out. See what is going on and schedule. Comic-Con has an online scheduler and also mobile app. This will make it easier on you.

5.  Don’t forget your camera. This is the event that people costume it up and it is rare you get such a eclectic group of people in one area of town. There are also star sightings. You never know who you will run into in the bathroom.

6. Bring phone charger. If you are a huge mobile user like me, I assure you your battery will drain and you will regret not having a back-up power supply.

7. Don’t forget your money. There are ATMs but who wants to pay those fees? Bring enough cash to get you through the day.

Comic-Con is like going to day camp, you need to bring the essentials with you. Did I forget any other tips? Please feel free to share. If you get to attend Comic-Con, I hope you have loads of fun.

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5 comments on “Comic-Con Survival Tips
  1. Darlene says:

    I never understood the women/men that wear the most uncomfortable clothes at the convention and continue wearing the same outfit days after. Comfort is always number 1 in my book and I just purchased an Juicebox for my iPhone just in case.

  2. Shannon says:

    I love these tips, I linked this on my Facebook for all my friends who will be attending Fan Expo 2011 in August (held in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, similar but FAR smaller than Comic Con).

  3. Deborah the Closet Monster says:

    Excellent list. 🙂 Something I discovered last year that impacts only a small segment of attendees but is awesome nevertheless is that there are nursing stations for mothers of young infants! A con volunteer mentioned this to me last year and, wow, was that a lot less stressful than the alternatives I’d planned on.

  4. jenboydsd says:

    Thanks guys for the comments, I appreciate it. Glad I could help out. Someone mentioned to bring Advil and Bandaids. I agree, you may get a headache or get some blisters from walking. Here’s another post that has a few more tips:

    Have fun this week!

  5. Missed the fun of ComicCon for this year, but hear the people watching is halfof the fun. Any suggestions for locations for times and locations for a place to sit and watch the people from next year?

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