Kono’s Surf Club Cafe

Here’s a tip…Get to Kono’s the first thing when they open or after 12 noon. There is always a line but once you order at the one cashier counter everything goes smoothly. Kono’s is truly a great place to eat. The people in front of us ended up walking out of line because of hunger and impatience, which is normal because you have to stand and wait; which is a great excuse to people watch in my opinion. There is a method to this madness-  my recommendation is to tag team it. Have someone wait for a table to open and have someone stand in line to order. The prices are inexpensive, the food is delicious and the portions are generous. What you don’t get is someone waiting on you or nice furniture to sit on.

What you do get is a stellar view on plastic patio furniture (they have a patio that faces the ocean, weirdly located behind a gift shop). My family didn’t like the fact I wanted to go here for Sunday Brunch (Easter Sunday), but after the 45 min. line and getting the food, they were ok with my choice.  My order was the Big Breakfast #2, which is only $6.95 (Bacon included but plucked by the kids).

Kono’s Surf Cafe
704 Garnet Avenue
(619) 483-1669
Walk-ins and Cash only.

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3 comments on “Kono’s Surf Club Cafe
  1. me says:

    If you wait for an empty table you are tying up a spot for people to eat when their food is ready. The system works. There will be a table for you once you order.

    • jenboydsd says:

      You wait for a table when who ever you are going with is ordering in line. I am not saying wait for a table for the whole time you are in line.

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