Dishcrawling through South Park

A couple of months ago, I attended the first ever Dishcrawl that Lindsay (@dishcrawlsd) hosted. This time, I was invited again to cover the South Park area. I remember when South Park was not a very desirable area to live and all the storefronts were empty and uninhabited. Now the area has developed into a vibrant place to hang out and eat at some of the best restaurants in town.

Samplings from AlchemyOur first stop was Alchemy. Alchemy is known for their cultural fare and cocktails. The first thing I noticed was the book lined ceilings and unusual metal sculptures inside. This place is a cool little find. I had a mule and a sampling of their eats. I recommend the fried pickles and their taro pork belly taco was definitely a tasty treat.

Buona Forchetta PatioThe next stop was Buona Forchetta, the literal translation is big fork in Italian but I guess it means a big eater. I have been to Italy once and this was the pizza you get in Italy. The restaurant inside is small but their full patio in front makes up for the small space inside.










The third place strolled to was a little coffee/sweet shop across the way from South Park Abbey called Piacere Mio, we got a little gelato lesson from the Bologna raised italian gelato maker Clint (yeah, that is his name, call him Lorenzo), I called him Clintino. Clint also has a gelato shop in Pacific Beach aptly called Gelato Bus Stop, I wonder if the name was derived from the bus stop in front of the shop?

Last but not least is Eclipse Chocolate,  if Willy Wonka was real, I would think he would appreciate this place. Eclipse Chocolate is a stylish bar & bistro with all things chocolate. They even put chocolate in their food. Each month they have a themed supper club and other fun culinary experiences like this month’s brewery tasting called a chocolate threeway.

cupcakes at Eclipse

Visit South Park and tell me what you think of it in the comments.

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