Coronado – Magical History and all the glory


L. Frank Baum wrote the Oz Series. He also designed chandeliers inside the Hotel Del’s Crown Room

The Magic of Coronado in all of its glory. I call this place my home away from home. So close yet seems so far away, no wonder there is such a rich history beyond the beach. I am sure the stories on this island can be written in volumes, but from my experience – the history is only hearsay. I once overheard a convo at the Spreckles Candy shop from the shop lady and a man claiming to be a descendent of the Spreckles Family. He was in town for a wedding. I couldn’t help but eavesdrop From what I recall, he seemed legit.  He was talking about how the family bought much of the island. The Spreckles Family owned much of Coronado in the early 1900’s. The irony of this, the man was tracking lots of sand and dripping water in the store. Though he seemed polished and well spoken, I found him to be a bit awkward.  I later looked up the Spreckles mansion that he was speaking of and found that this place is magical and haunted with secrets.

Sandcastle and the DelInside the Hotel Del Coronado a mix of people are walking around tourists, locals and hotel guests alike. Of course, the only way you can tell is…well you can’t.  The hotel seeps with history from the Wizard of Oz author Frank L. Baum’s stamp on the hotel to movie making magic on the grounds of Some Like it Hot starring Marilyn Monroe. Oh yeah, and the couple of haunted rooms. I still love this hotel and would stay here in a heartbeat.The store Est. 1888 has all the gifts and memorabilia that makes this hotel as mainstay on the island.  If you go, you may find a custom sand castle or two on the beach. If you love shells like I do, you’ll find many along the sea wall of rocks right behind the hotel.

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