There are so many things about San Diego that are not always known to the masses. Hopefully, you will learn something about San Diego through this website. My name is Jennifer Boyd,  I currently am an independent consultant in marketing, social media and I wander all the time and sometimes blog about it. On top of my various job titles through the years,  I once was a community liaison for the San Diego East Visitors Bureau. One of my jobs there was to learn about San Diego’s tourist offerings and pass the information I learned along to visitors and fellow community business members through events, our website and newsletter. Follow me on Twitter to see my other musings @JenBoydSD or you can email me at jboydsd (at sign) gmail (dot) com to inquire about San Diego or to give me a hot tip.

Disclosure: Everything I blog about I have paid for myself unless noted on the bottom of the post.

2 comments on “About
  1. Great site! I love the idea! I am a native of San Diego who recently moved back after being gone almost 12 years. Last summer, while working as a nanny, I took my children on what I called ‘Secret San Diego Adventures’. These were spots mostly known to the locals. We talked of making a website that summer, about San Diego’s best kept secrets, looks like you beat me to it! Thank you for this awesome site!

  2. jatajah says:

    i love san diego it is beatuful.

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