San Diego Backdrops


photograph by Suzanne Hansen Photography- Outside of New Children's Museum

Holidays are just around the corner. Are you ready? My favorite photos are behind bright colors and public murals around San Diego. Here are a few of my favorite places:

*Pacific Beach – Around the corner of Garnet and Cass there is a John Lennon Mural with a painted two-dimensional black and white ladder.  The black and white Ladder makes a backdrop.

*Balboa Park, Spanish Village – Colorful backdrops, distressed wood doors and unique adornments give this area a great place to take pics. Also, adventure around the rest of Balboa Park where there are mosaics, sculptures, gardens for your backdrop pleasure.

*Goldfinch St. in Mission Hills – Head towards downtown, you will see a painted mural of flowers and butterflies, very whimsical.

*Downtown – so many colorful backdrops to choose from, I adore East Village with the multi-colored doors and walls. Also near/at the new Children’s Museum.

*Little Italy- Italian influenced wall paintings throughout the area make great pictures and is also a fun stroll and great little restaurants.

Other places:

*Newport Ave. in OB – lots of murals around the areas.

*Inside Restaurants (ask permission first or they might kick you out)

*Artist Painted electric boxes around the city.


photo by Suzanne Hansen Photography- Inside Lucho Libre Taco Shop

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