Tornado Alley at Reuben H. Fleet Science Center

In front of the DOW - Doppler On Wheels

I had the privilage of attending a sneak peek of the IMAX film Tornado Alley last night at the Reuben H. Fleet Science Center.  First of all the IMAX theater at the Fleet is amazing. The movie screen encompasses the theater in front and overhead to give you a feeling like you are in the middle of the action. I grew up in California, so all I really know are earthquakes. In the midwest, they have tornadoes thus the term “Tornado Alley” in which this film is aptly named. This film gave me a background of storm chasing equipment which included a TIV (amazing), the science of how a tornado is formed, the hobby side of storm chasing and the professional side of one man’s eight year journey to his goal of experiencing a heart of a tornado firsthand – Sean Casey was actually at the screening. The data they collected will be analyzed and perhaps will give us more insight into predicting these violent storms, which will be beneficial to those who live in its path.  I would recommend this film to kids 7 and over, my kids 8 and 13 went and I believe they took away much more than what they would learn in science class. I look forward to seeing other educational IMAX films at this theater.  Tornado Alley opens to the public on March 18th.

Disclosure: Thanks to Reuben H. Fleet for the invite to their special opening.

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