Lucha Libre – Shock and Awe

I recently re-watched the San Diego episode of  Man vs. Food. The food is no secret at Lucha Libre, ever since the San Diego episode aired the restaurant has had a line out the door. They are known for a mean Surf and Turf burrito and authentic TJ hot dogs. But did you know that you can get table service in their spectacular gold booth with just 24 hrs in advance? I did this for my birthday last year and it was pretty spectacular for a taco shop. Waiter service in a taco shop. This is a first. Normally what is self-serve is being served to you by designated staff wait person.  A fake vintage telephone for your amusement, the mexican wrestling decor and hint of Ron Burgundy adds to this interior masterpiece for the senses. The references of Anchorman lead me to believe that we are proud of the San Diego ties this film provides. I have seen a similar yet a more apparent Ron Burgundy reference at Urban Solace another favorite dining establishment of mine (huge painting above the bar).

Lucha Libre Taco Shop
1810 W. Washington Street
San Diego , CA 92110
(619) 296-8226

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One comment on “Lucha Libre – Shock and Awe
  1. […] out my cool birthday party a few years ago at Lucha Libre. I know it is pretty corny but what can I say, I couldn’t stay away from the gold […]

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