Kobey’s Swap Meet

It has been years since I have been to a swap meet, of course I was curious to see if anything has changed. I am not sure why I went to Kobey’s Swap Meet a few weekends ago,  I don’t even like garage sales, I hate rummaging through crap. The swap meet is the perfect place to find the exact thing that you don’t need. You can find it all, they even had a produce section, the 90’s TV show in the DVD still shrink wrapped. Hmmm, what else?  The drug store rejects, the Tijuana treasures, the koi fish and live birds. You name it, you probably could find it.  I found it amusing and strange. It was like the fair combined with the second hand store. I’ve been watching too much Hoarders and Storage Wars to want to start collecting stuff.  Coincidently, you can meet and take a picture of Dave Hester (from Storage Wars), if you bought one of his so-classy souvenirs. Here is what amused me that day:

Till next time- maybe I will buy that dusty painting that has a Picasso or Warhol hidden in the frame, one can only be so lucky.

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