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Cooking at Cups

When you think of Cups La Jolla, you think cupcakes. Right? Well, now you can think cooking classes, kids night out, food instruction, gift making. Cool, huh? Did you know that behind the doors of their kitchen is a secret

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San Diego Food Truck Movement

In light of my addiction to Food Network’s “The Great Food Truck Race“,  I want to give the lowdown on the local San Diego Food Truck Movement. I find it fascinating that food trucks can provide gourmet food and drinks

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European Stop #1 – Cafe Chloe

In lieu of my European vacation, here is the first in a series of San Diego Getaways of European inspiration in the form of Gastronomy. Yes, there is a little bit of Paris in San Diego at Cafe Chloe. For

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Bob’s Big Boy

Bob’s Big Boy is back in San Diego County!  Nestled in the corner of Parkway Plaza Mall in El Cajon, this Bob’s opened up last month with not much hype.  I discovered that Bob’s was open here while flipping through

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Another food post- Secret Restaurant bargains

My quest for a bargain is endless, always looking for a coupon or a deal on the web. Because of the economic times, restaurants are more inclined to offer discounts on their food in-order to turn you into a loyal

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Secret Menus

I have always knew about the secret menu at In-n-Out Burger but who would of knew Jamba Juice, Chipotle, McDonalds, and my favorite Starbucks had secret items for your ordering pleasure. When I think of Jamba Juice I think healthy

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